“This remarkable book reveals the power of cultivating a beginner’s mind, deep listening, and continuous reflection in search of the right questions. Read it and you will find a path to meaningful answers.”

Marc Benioff

Chairman and CEO

Questions Are The Answer

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Harnessing the power of
Catalytic Questions

Talk to creative problem-solvers and they will often tell you, the key to their success is asking a different question.

For innovation and leadership guru Hal Gregersen, the power of questions has always been clear—but it took some years for the (obvious?) follow-on question to hit him: If so much depends on fresh questions, shouldn’t we know more about how to arrive at them? That sent him on a research quest ultimately including over two hundred interviews with creative thinkers.

Questions Are the Answer delivers the insights Gregersen gained about the conditions that give rise to catalytic questions—and breakthrough insights—and how anyone can create them.

"I connected with this book’s message because I've lived it. Everything changed for the better when I realized that I, like so many others, was asking the wrong question. Our culture chases conventional notions of success instead of nurturing what would really make us thrive. Hal Gregersen is absolutely right — the best way to get to a better answer is to start with a better question, and we can all learn to do that."

Arianna Huffington
Founder & CEO, Thrive Global & Founder, The Huffington Post

"If you want to arrive at a better answer, you should start with a better question. Hal Gregersen takes that observation further, exploring how to put it into daily practice. I love this book's emphasis on creating the conditions in which creative thinking will thrive, and I love its bighearted storytelling."

Tony Hsieh

Author of New York Times #1 Bestseller “Delivering Happiness” and former Zappos CEO

“Hal Gregersen is one of those rare educators who always practices what he preaches. Deliberately, he pushes himself out of his comfort zones, and consistently, he surfaces those great questions that unlock better answers. I think it’s wonderful that, with Questions Are the Answer, he is equipping so many more people to do the same.”

Clayton M. Christensen

Author of New York Times bestselling books, “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and “How Do You Measure Your Life?"

“Do you already know that questions lie at the heart of creativity? Yes. Do you know how to ask better questions? Probably not—but thankfully, Hal Gregersen is here to guide you. This book illuminates a path toward sparking new ideas.”

Adam Grant

New York Times bestselling author of ORIGINALS, GIVE AND TAKE, and OPTION B with Sheryl Sandberg

“I have always been fascinated by the rebels among us--the iconoclasts who see things differently and make things change in positive and constructive ways. Questions Are the Answer gives essential insight into how these "deviant" types consistently manage to challenge their own going-in positions--and the most stubborn assumptions of the people around them. A key addition to the literature on creative thinking.”

Francesca Gino

Harvard Business School Professor and author of Rebel Talent

“People start out in life as fearless questioners, but most learn as time goes by to suppress that impulse. This book has a simple premise—that we can rebuild our questioning capacity by adapting the habits and skills of persistently creative thinkers—and it delivers on that premise powerfully.”

Amy Edmondson

Harvard Business School Professor and author of The Fearless Organization

“If you want a simple answer to the question of what matters most to creativity, then look no further than the title of this book. Mastering the art of questioning is not easy, but Hal Gregersen describes a wealth of valuable approaches that will serve you well -- no matter what kinds of problems you are trying to solve.”

Tim Brown

Chairman and former CEO of IDEO and author of Design for Change

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Ed Catmull
Co-founder of Pixar and co-author of New York Times bestseller "Creativity, Inc."

"My hope for you as you read Questions Are The Answer is that you will get the same kind of value I have gained: that it will cause you to think about how a more deliberate use of questions could help you make more progress in whatever problem you are trying to solve. Whatever it is, you are probably, like me, receptive to having your thinking productively challenged on the matter - and you might find a path to meaningful answers."

“Getting the right question is key to getting the right answer.”

Jeff Bezos
Founder & CEO of Amazon