The Innovator’s DNA is the ‘how-to’ manual to innovation. Buy it now and read it tonight. Tomorrow you will learn more, create more, inspire more.”

scott d. cook

Cofounder and Executive Committee Chairman

Innovator's DNA

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“How do I find innovative people for my organization? And how can I become more innovative myself?” These are questions that stump senior executives, who understand that the ability to innovate is the “secret sauce” of business success.

In searching for answers, we undertook an in-depth study to uncover the origins of creative—and often disruptive—business strategies in the world’s most innovative companies. We studied the habits of fifty innovative leaders and surveyed more than 25,000 executives and 2,500 entrepreneurs in more than seventy-five countries who had started innovative companies or invented new products, processes, and services.

We found that innovators must consistently act different to think different. By understanding, reinforcing, and modeling the innovator’s DNA, companies can find ways to more successfully develop the creative spark in everyone.

"The Innovator's DNA sheds new light on the once-mysterious art of innovation by showing that successful innovators exhibit common behavioral habits - habits that can boost anyone's creative capacity."

Stephen R. Covey
Author of New York Times bestselling, "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"

Since its publication in 2011 and revision in 2019, “The Innovator’s DNA” has been translated into fourteen languages—including Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Japanese.

One of the hardest things is ... asking the system the right question. "

Demis Hassabis
Demis Hassabis
Co-founder and CEO of Deep Mind and Isomorphic Labs