Questions are the Answer

May 28, 2019 // Kelly talks to Hal Gregersen, Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center about his new book Questions are the Answer.

Questions Are The Answer

May 22, 2019 // In this episode Stew and Hal discuss the importance of posing questions and allowing them to sink in rather than jumping to answers and solutions. They talk about the ways in which putting yourself in a novel, even uncomfortable, situation compels you to ask questions that not only inform your understanding […]

How can questions be a source of competitive advantage?

March 25, 2019 // In this episode of The Better Question podcast, host Juliette Foster is joined by Hal Gregersen, Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center and Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Innovation; and John Rudaizky, EY Global Brand and Marketing Leader.

Behind Every Breakthrough is a Better Question

March 8, 2019 // Children and some of our great business leaders share one powerful trait: they ask obvious questions about why some things are the way they are. As we grow, we often see questions as an indicator of naiveté, inexperience or poor performance. But what if asking the right, catalytic questions can lead […]

Why Questions Are the Answer

February 25, 2019 // What if you could unlock a better answer to your most vexing problem—in your workplace, community, or home life—just by changing the question? Talk to creative problem-solvers and they will often tell you, the key to their success is asking a different question.

Hal Gregersen and Questions

January 22, 2019 // Do you have a burning question? Be it professional, academic, or spiritual, Hal Gregersen just might help you formulate a better question which will help you get your answer. He is joined by Victoria Beecroft.

Unlocking New Ideas by Asking Better Questions

January 4, 2019 // Hal Gregersen explores methods for asking better questions to address your biggest challenges. You’ll Learn: How to ask better questions The four-minute Question Burst method to spark new ideas How the most creative organizations use questions wisely

Break Out of Your Managerial Bubble

March 16, 2017 // Hal Gregersen, executive director of the MIT Leadership Center at Sloan School of Management, says too many CEOs and executives are in a bubble, one that shields them from the reality of what’s happening in the world and in their businesses. The higher you rise, the worse it gets. Gregersen discusses […]