8 Habits of Curious People

As children, we’re naturally curious—it’s how we grow and learn—but by the time we start school that sense of wonder starts to escape us. “Answers are more valued than inquisitive thought, and curiosity is trained out of us,” says Hal Gregersen, founder of the 4-24 Project, an organization that challenges leaders to spend four minutes […]

Why Startup Founders Need to Start Asking the Right Questions

Entrepreneurs are used to having the right answers instead of theright questions. But asking the right questions enables leaders to find solutions to any challenge. Hal Gregersen, Executive Director MIT Learning Center and founder of the 4-24 Project, spoke at The Atlantic’s Start-Up City: Miami about how entrepreneurs can start asking more questions. Gregersen believes […]

Business Brains Get Thinking

The greater the data we have, the harder it is going to be to discover its implications. In 2015, a new approach to analysis–catalytic questioning–will give business leaders fresh insights that will transform markets. Catalytic questioning is an alternative to brainstorming whereby your team can do question-centric work. Pick a problem that your team cares […]

Finding the Right Questions to Ask to Resolve Your Company’s Issues

Every great innovative entrepreneur – from Jeff Bezos to Steve Jobs – has been good at one thing: asking questions. What if? Why? Why not? The seed for every innovation came from a question no one had been willing to ask, says Hal Gregersen, a professor of innovation at the global business graduate school INSEAD. [button open_new_tab=”true” […]

Teachers Should Reward Questions, Not Just Answers

According to a paper in the journal Communication Education, an average child aged between six and 18 asks only one question per one-hour class per month — a number that starkly contrasts with the innate curiosity exhibited by an average four-year-old. [button open_new_tab=”true” color=”Accent-Color” size=”medium” url=”http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2013/11/ideas-bank/hal-gregersen” text=”Read More”]

Use Catalytic Questioning to Solve Significant Problems

For almost twenty years, I have refined a systematic approach to uncovering the right questions—those that start to unlock entirely different solutions and perspectives—with hundreds of teams around the world, from the C-suite to the shop floor. [button open_new_tab=”true” color=”Accent-Color” size=”medium” url=”http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/07/catalytic_questioning_five_ste.html” text=”Read More”]

How to Ask the Right Question

Every innovator we interviewed either in the business world or the government world or the social venture world – they all excelled at asking the right question. [button open_new_tab=”true” color=”Accent-Color” size=”medium” url=”http://bigthink.com/videos/how-to-ask-the-right-question” text=”Read More”]