Built on his trailblazing research and teaching with colleagues at the MIT Leadership Center, Gregersen delivers a radical reconceptualization of leadership in a world that is in constant flux, answering the fundamental question of how to cultivate leadership that is honed to find and solve problems? As the landscape of work undergoes seismic shifts, he argues that traditional leadership skills are no longer sufficient. Leaders today must excel at problem finding and solving, continually redefining what’s next, and steering their teams through uncharted territories. This keynote is a vital roadmap for leaders who are ready to embrace this new paradigm of challenge-driven leadership.

In this keynote, Gregersen will equip leaders to show up as challenge-driven at work and in life by helping them:

  • Show up with a clear focus on finding and solving problems that matter.
  • Decipher what’s next when faced with complex challenges, and master the art of diagnosing and resolving them to keep their organizations on course.
  • Harness the power of effective problem finding and solving, transforming it from a tactical skill into a strategic asset that sparks innovation and drives success.
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What does it mean to be a challenge-driven leader?

Becoming a challenge-driven leader in a world of change