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For all of us, artificial intelligence and exponential technologies are turning the world upside down in terms of what we do, where we do what we do, how we do it, and when we do it. Whether we like it or not, we are being forced to give up habits that worked well in the past and navigate our way through entirely unknown and uncomfortable territory. As individuals and leaders, we are struggling to figure out what’s next, meaning “What new skillset or mindset is worth the effort to engage with?” so that we can make progress in times of extreme transition. In this session, we will explore the power of transition curve leadership and the role of catalytic inquiry in moving ourselves and others forward.

During this keynote and webinar, Gregersen will tap into twenty years of transition curve research (see Questions are the Answer, The Innovator’s DNA, and It Starts With One) to help leaders:

  • Identify what’s next when facing extreme uncertainty and learn how to descend and ascend the toughest parts of a transition curve
  • Explore how to acknowledge and manage the emotional arc of unexpected transitions, such as how to tolerate “not knowing” or rushing too fast into action mode
  • Harness the surprising power of inquiry to summit new transition curves successfully
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Leading Transitions During Disruptive Change

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