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Leading Creatively by Seeing More Deeply

Trained or not, we are all leaders and we are all photographers. The best leaders and photographers have learned how to see beneath the surface of any situation, resulting in an impactful insight or image. The paths to creating both are more similar than different. In this keynote, Gregersen explores five habits for seeing more deeply as a leader and for helping us uncover the hidden forces that hold us back from more meaningful moments and more significant progress.

  • Illuminating Intent: What stops you still when engaging with others? What do you see by changing your view 180 degrees? What else is going on from a 360 view?
  • Composing Conditions: What conditions do you create to help frame a more meaningful conversation? What other conditions might prove helpful? Once you’ve composed the conditions, how long will you wait -sometimes in silence – for conditions to do their work?
  • Capturing Context: How effective are you at perspective taking and at clarifying perspectives? What are the frames, or stories within the stories, for those you work with? How layered and nuanced is your understanding of the situation?
  • Crafting Clarity: How well are you creating clarity out of chaos for yourself and others? How comfortable are you with negative capability, sitting with the unknown? What might be removed, added, or rearranged in the situation to sharpen the impact of the image or experience?
  • Creating Connections: How deep and clear is your commitment to others? How well does your “how” (the process or approach) behind the “what” (the intended result) deepen your connection to others? Was the experience meaningful and did it invite more meaningful participation?

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