Creative Transformation Amid Rapid Change

In a world driven by rapid and unpredictable changes, and with the ever-increasing influence of AI, is your organization ready to face the unexpected? In this transformational executive education workshop, you’ll learn to develop a mindset and skillset to embrace the duality and paradox of organizational transformation. Drawing from diverse research interviews, theoretical frameworks, and real-world case studies (created in collaboration with Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar), the workshop guides you through the necessary strategies to build a future-proof framework, leverage exponential technologies, and unlock your organization’s creative potential. From gaining insights into managing change in turbulent times to learning from the successes of industry giants such as DeepMind, Patagonia, and Pixar, you will emerge equipped to navigate uncertainty and to drive consistent, compounding progress within your organization.

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Available in 2-day or 5-day formats