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Hal Gregersen talks about innovation and the creativity of business.

Authority on Building and Leading Innovative Companies; Co-author, “The Innovator’s DNA”; Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center.


When I look into the eyes of my grandchildren, I see pure wonder reflecting back: They’re hungry with curiosity about the world around them, unafraid to explore, and eager to discover something new each day. The gift of inquisitive creativity is something we were all born with – and something I believe we can sustain – by the simple act of questioning.

As Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center, author and a motivational speaker for diverse, globalized corporations and events, I’ve dedicated my personal and professional life to this core questioning philosophy. And today, I’d like to share this inspired work with you on Experience why questioning is so crucial to building a leader’s innovation capacity. See how it is transforming the future of learning . Learn how questions can make the world a better place . And be sure to share your own thoughts, stories and questions along the way.

We may not be able to turn back the hands of time to childhood. But if we never stop questioning, we never risk losing our own childlike sense of wonder – and power – to disrupt the status quo.

Happy Exploring!


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