The race for the White House provides a powerful reminder not to shield yourself from outside opinions.

Are you aware of your or your organization’s blind spots?

If you answered yes, you’re just plain wrong. They wouldn’t be blind spots, if you knew about them. The question is, how can you diagnose them before they sink you, manifesting themselves in a powerful, disruptive, surprising new competitor?

One way is to make sure you’re not living in a bubble. Which is easier said than done. Hal Gregersen, who coauthored The Innovator’s DNA with disruption-coiner Clayton Christensen and Jeffrey Dyer, once explained to me why. “A disruptive question…is one that someone else [e.g. an upstart competitor] is asking that you aren’t,” he said. “And the higher you go in a company, the harder it can be to uncover you don’t know what you don’t know.”

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