The Quest of the Question

04.15.2023 – Using questions to understand others, strengthen relationships, and improve oneself is a meaningful skill in any occupation.

Squaring The CEO’s Inner Circle

02.07.2023 – There’s a myth that CEOs can see around corners: that they’re the smartest executive in the room; that they know more than anyone else in their organization; that they are, in a word, omniscient.

4 Steps to Creating a Strategy in an Uncertain World

06.03.2022 – The past few years have seen unprecedented disruptions, and companies are finding it nearly impossible to plan for the future. Such a volatile environment requires a new approach to devising strategy. Turning a world of uncertainty into a world of possibility requires a change of perspective, a new mindset on the part of […]

Managing the Human Side of Digital Disruption

02.14.2022 – Worker resignations. Digital disruption. Change at hyper-speed. These are some of the realities organizations and their leaders face every day as they also confront the overarching challenges of the pandemic, global politics, and climate change.

The Myth of Keeping Busy

04.19.2023 – While being “busy” may seem important, simply being busy to be busy accomplishes nothing. There are a number of creative ways to help avoid busywork. It is not only possible to avoid busywork, but rewarding and meaningful as well.