How to future-proof companies and CEOs

June 21, 2019 // Many skeptics believed Best Buy was on the way to becoming the next Circuit City, an Amazon retail casualty. But under the leadership of chairman Hubert Joly, who recently gave up the CEO title, Best Buy stock is up 258%.

You should be setting fewer goals–and doing this instead

June 11, 2019 // Goal setting is traditionally considered the first step to achieving your dreams. But there’s actually another (possibly more effective) method. For many high-achieving people, goal setting is a familiar process. Decide what you want to accomplish, then make the goal SMART–that is, “specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.” Break it up into […]

How to Be a Better Friend

June 7, 2019 // We all have the habit of falling into the cycle of work and sleep and forgetting to respond to a friend’s text or missing an important date in their lives. But it’s important to maintain the friendships we have; after all, there’s no shortage of studies that suggest that friendship is […]

Hal Gregersen says questions are the answer

May 17, 2019 // New MIT Sloan Executive Education program helps executives identify “unknown unknowns” through catalytic questioning. Do you have challenges in your professional or personal life to which you seemingly have no answers? Most of us do. Hal Gregersen, executive director of the MIT Leadership Center, author, and a motivational speaker, says we’re usually […]


March 6, 2019 // When we talk of innovation our first instinct is to start looking for out-of-the-box ideas and solutions. That might be the wrong starting point, argues innovation and leadership guru Hal Gregersen. Begin with the questions instead.

The Kinds Of Questions We Should Ask When Cybercrime Is On The Rise

February 7, 2019 // What if you could unlock a better answer to the worst problem in your job as a cybersecurity professional, just by changing the question? The idea of asking questions to solve problems is more than just a philosophy; it is a practical method explained in Hal Gregersen’s new book, “Questions are the […]

Why it’s good for you to be wrong

January 21, 2019 // Few people like being wrong. It can feel humbling, uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing. But what if we’re wrong about being wrong? Being wrong can be one of the best things you can be, says Hal Gregersen, executive director of the MIT Leadership Center and author of the new book Questions are the Answer: A […]

Trust is at breaking point. It’s time to rebuild it

January 14, 2019 // It’s always tempting to focus on what divides us. Politics, religion, culture, these can often make us look at how we see the world differently. The reality is, this isn’t a problem by itself. We do have differences. They just don’t have to define us, which is increasingly the case.